Welcome to the home of Rosepond Aquatics, a California state licensed nursery.

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We are proud of our plants and serious about the confidence you place in us when you purchase from us.

As part of our commitment to you, we continually network with other water gardening professionals. We are members of the International Waterlily & Water Gardening Society (IWGS), and Bronze members of the Water Gardeners International (WGI).

We are particularly proud to be certified members of Truly Named a program of WGI. As certifying members, we pledge that the waterlily cultivars that we offer are true to name (unless noted). We have provided a list of our cultivars complete with images and/or provenance to WGI and our plants have been certified. When you purchase from us, we want you to feel confident that you will get the lily that you purchased.

We understand the part we play in your gardening experience and it is important to us that your experiences match your dreams.

Our pond and marginal plants are sold through many Humboldt County retailers, on the internet and at our new growing location in McKinleyville. Please contact us for the location and times.

To Our Internet Customers...

Free Shipping on orders over $75!

We got your message! We revised our shipping prices. Any purchase over $75 goes free and purchases under that are only $11.

There are benefits to purchasing from a small grower!

We spare no expense to bring you the healthiest and liveliest plants available. We grow only in genuine soil so that your plants have access to all the micro nutrients and health the soil has to offer. That means less transplant shock when you get them home.

We also do not harvest our plants until the day we ship them. The large growers harvest their plants en mass and put them in a cooler until your order comes in. This means it takes longer for your plant to recover. We harvest and clean each rhizome as your order comes in. Our plants are out of the water only a few days before they arrive for you to plant. They respond better and begin new healthy and more abundant growth in less time.

You will appreciate the personal attention that you get when you purchase from Rosepond Aquatics. We think it is an important part of the quality and service that goes into making your gardening experience pleasant.


This is our tenth year on the internet but we have been producing and selling pond and aquarium plants for Humboldt County residents for twelve years. Our business is based on quality products and outstanding customer service. We know that a healthy plant from a service oriented supplier is part of your gardening experience. We recognize our roll and strive to make your experience as positive as possible.

To Our Local Customers...

We have now opened our growing grounds on Dows Prairie for sales and tours. Children especially like the farm as there are frogs, tadpoles, fish and, of course, flowers. Patti is good at answering the many questions children have and even adult questions too. Call to make your appointment


If you can't reach us at this number, call Patti at 707-771-0699.

Our Services...

Pre-construction Consulting

If you are planning a pond, be sure to *PLAN* before you move your first shovelful of dirt.

There are many considerations to creating a pond besides the cost of materials. If it is planned correctly up front, your pond will give you all the enjoyment you anticipate and save you the heartache of unplanned surprises.

Our consultation comes with a written report, and personal question and answer time. We help you anticipate such issues as:

* What effect will the sun have and how to site your pond to manage the sun for your benefit?
* What do you do about fall leaves?
* Is your filter and pump the right size?
* What will your maintenance schedule look like?
* What can you do to minimize maintenance costs?
* What can you do to manage critter damage?

If you are planning to have a contractor, we can work with them to make sure you get that perfect pond. Once your pond is built, we can help you understand the unique personality of a new pond and what to anticipate.

Green Water Consulting

Do you have the green water blues? There is a remedy for that.

Our consultation comes with a written report, and up to two hours of personal question and answer time. We help you understand and remedy such issues as:

* Why is your water green and what can you do about it?
* What maintenance is effective and how often should you clean?
* How much water do you really have and why you should know that?
* Could I have a leak and how do I fix it?

Pond Maintenance

We do pond maintenance in the Eureka, CA area.

We will clean debris out of your pond, flush filters, maintain plants and add appropriate bacteria.

With arrangements, we can rotate plants in your pond so that your pond is always looking it's best. Give us a call to discuss your particular pond needs.

We want you to enjoy your pond. There is no such thing as a pond that is too time consuming to maintain if you know what to do.

Nurseries that carry our plants

Bayside Garden Center,1520 Tiburon Bl, Belvedere Tiburon, CA, 415-435-0041

Chet's Garden Center, 229 SW "H" St, Grants Pass, OR, 541-476-4424

Commonwealth Garden Shoppe,124 Third St., Canyonville, OR, 541-839-6067

Dazey's Supply, 3082 Redwood Dr., Redway, CA, 707-923-3002

Fiddler's Green, 525 S. Franklin St., Fort Bragg, CA, 707-964-3555

Fin-N-Feather Pet Supplies, 2931 F Street, Eureka, CA, 707-443-4914

Fortuna Ace Hardware, 140 S. Fortuna Bl, Fortuna, CA, 707-725-8647

Fortuna Feed & Garden,126 Dinsmore Drive, Fortuna, CA, 707-725-3333

Hare Creek Nursery, 32461 Highway 20, Fort Bragg, CA, 707-964-4648

Mad River Gardens Nursery, 3384 Janes Road, Arcata, CA, 707-822-7049

Miller Farms, 1555 Nursery Road, McKinleyville, CA, 707-839-1571

Nilsen Company, 474 Main St., Ferndale, CA, 707-786-9501

Piersons Garden Center, 4100 Broadway, Eureka, CA, 707-441-2713

Redway Feed & Garden, 290 Briceland Rd., Redway, CA, 707-923-2765

Sanhedrin Nursery, 1094 Locust Street, Willits, CA, 707-459-9009

Shafers Ace Hardware, 2760 E. Street, Eureka, CA, 707-442-5734

Sparetime Supply, 208 E. San Francisco, Willits, CA, 707-459-6791

Sylvandale Gardens, 77 Avenue of the Giants, Phillipsville, CA, 707-923-3606

Weathertop Nursery, 44901 Harmon Drive, Laytonville, CA, 707-984-6385


Humboldt Water Garden Club

The Water Garden Club is growing by leaps and bounds.

They now have an official web site at North Coast Water Garden Club.

Please visit the club web page to get more information on meeting dates and topics.

North Coast Water Garden Club

Updated: April 2013

"Where there is a pond, there is Rosepond."

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